Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CraftyPod Blog Hop: Football Coasters

It's that time.  Crafty Football!

I need some coasters, at least one, for my boss. Something football, waterfast, that won't skid, that you can see on a busy desk.

A red plastic lid is a good target, and has a good edge to make it a sturdy object.

Measure twice, make up once?

Find some potential images from photos, edit to fit a circle. Print them out on inkjet fabric sheets.

You can buy the sheets at most sewing and craft shops. You can also make your own by temporarily adhering a thin sheet of white cotton to a piece of freezer paper; this link (pardon the ads) has a lot of handy information on making your own

Yes, I am using online images, but since this object is not for sale or reproduction, I feel I'm within fair use rights.

Printed out, cut out, I'm heat setting so it won't dissolve when a wet glass hits it.

I've got a chunk of rubbery neoprene to use for a backing. Has some traction and some squish.
You could also layer up 'slipper tread' and polyester batting.


Cutting the center of the lid works best with a shortbladed scissor, like cuticle scissors.

And it fits

Peel and Stick Fabric fuse is very good for this sort of job. It won't lose it's stick, it will stick to the fabric, the neoprene, the lid, YOU.  It's better to cut the strip, stick it down, trim if necessary and THEN remove the paper backing. It is unforgiving but durable.

I knew there would be a gap...

Which I am going to fill with 3D fabric paint (the puffy kind)

This stuff always comes out with a glob at the beginning. The key to using it is squeeze a little out onto a scrap of heavier paper, back off the squeeze a little, then draw a short and steady line. Again, squeeze out a little, back off, draw another linking line just next to the end of the first line, and repeat.  

Fabric paint takes almost 24 hours to dry, so just leave it alone that long. 
Do not be tempted to touch it and then pick up your phone to take a photo. 
Just don't.

And there it is!
With a wink and a smile for our Patriots compatriots, and hoping all our teams prevail!
Thanks to Diane Gilleland for putting this together!

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