Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Happiest Time of the Year

One of my favorite places in my hometown is the Pacific Fabrics Northgate store

I would not be the Ernie I am today without their able asssistance. 

And it is right around the corner (less than 101 feet from)


The gargoyle was an example of things they could make/get for you, and was for sale for some years, and is just not as terrifying as he once was. The wings still open, but the head no longer turns from side to side
Back in his prime, from website photo credit Stacy Mertes
They carry the usual costumes and supplies (wigs, hats, makeup, some shoes, fog machines). A very nice mix of cheap to professional grade (the best real felt top hat in town, with a price to match)

They also have a large selection of  fabrics and trims, glues and paints, hat buckram, boas, feathers, netting, stretch material, tiaras and all the fake furs you could want. Not to mention themed aisles of party supplies and tiki torches. 

This is your sequin headquarters (no offence, PacFab Galleria Garth) and a great source for custom swords. They really do have most of everything. 

This last weekend before Halloween, I urge you to stop by your local fabric shop, or costume supply place, and just enjoy the fury and the wonder of the Black Friday of the fabric world.

Because it truly IS the most wonderful time of the year.
Even if I couldn't talk myself into buying one of these this year.
I am just not going to sew this.

 I mean, he's got a five foot long tail!
Just inflate him and stick him in the corner.....

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