Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hello Kitty Supercute

I cannot believe I didn't post these photos months ago, and the show is about to close!

Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows I am a recovering Hello Kitty maniac.
And this exhibit at the EMP building in Seattle has it all.
Most of these photos are selfexplanatory. Motor oil and toasters and 'feminine cleansers' are the same all over the world.

I knew exactly what was in the first big case.
The coin purse. I have several.


I love that they retconned a back story for the product.

Value added explained for you

This is my sister's debut in the blog. Hiya! Scale Model Sister!

I owned that toaster in the back. It browns the sacred image of Her Face into the toast.
They have made several versions.
And you know, I'd take that steam iron/reservoir in a hot minute

Liberty print suit

Tiny HK head orthodontics

Swordsman mask and chest plate with the ears and bow in braid

Yes, that is what it is

I love that Badtz Maru, Kororoppi and pals are in the royal family

And yes, the clothes from America's Next Top Model Whatever

made of bags and stuffies

tiled adhesive bandages


It ends on May 15th. I think I have one more tour of it left in me. Too much cuteness!


  1. I should have guessed you'd be a fan too!
    I don't know why I like HK so much: she's so inoffensive it's almost offensive. It must be the cuteness! She shares her birthday with my other half and Anthony Kiedis of RHCP! I'd love to go to this exhibition and I hope it makes it to London (I've paid money for less intellectual stuff than this).

  2. I don't especially like HK but I love the sense of adventure and design displayed in this exhibition. Like Marianna I would go to see it if it came our way.

  3. Thanks for the comments. My love for HK started in a cheap bodega in Los Angeles a billion years ago, when my pal Katie waved a coin purse and said "Hey, we could make this into something weird!" We stickered up so many things with HK pictures, it just took on a life of its own.
    The whole Sanrio business is something rich and strange. They made a marketing campaign to sell...a logo. The products came later.


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