Saturday, April 9, 2016

Search for the new TNT - One Hour Top

I am trying to find a TNT top that I can cram into a yard. Particularily a yard of 54" wide Liberty lawn that I really should have bought just a little bit more of.

This yard of Liberty lawn from Britex to be precise

But it can't be a pullover right now

It's FANCY. A whole lot fancy! And a decent purchase, cause I did not want to sew one. And the material would have been about the same as the purchase price. Sue me.

I am unable to pull anything over my head because the right arm won't participate.

This means that for the moment, the endless tshirts that comprise most of my wardrobe are off the table.

And the One Hour Shirt is now a button front for me.

As big a crank about old tech vs new tech as I can get, I do get Pinterest and I shove it on everyone I know.
You want something for Christmas?
You want a new dress?
You want to show me what kind of tree you think we should plant?
Pin me a photo and let's talk about it.

Now, I know, some of these are NOT one hour makes. Button holes are not on my one hour list (the Bernina does not like to make identical ones).
But they are straightforward makes, that can be tweaked with reasonable faith in the results.

The buttonholes are in the center. And I matched the plaid. And that's a bias strip around the neck line, which is cut differently from the pattern. But the sleeve does come down 3/4s length as drawn, it's not too baggy, and it's oversized, but I can fit it on a yard with one pattern piece, and squeeze those bias strip pieces.
So the next version will get process photos.

But this one gets the Spouse photobomb.

*when you are checking out free pattern sites, BE VERY CAREFUL of downloading stuff. There are a lot of places out there that are full of viruses, and sadly, a lot of old sewing websites (like 1990's old) have been left alone and have been eaten by bad forces.
If the page looks weird (you will know it when you see it) or shaky, don't open it. Go look around on the web for another source for that pattern. Because there's always more.

(and yes, a deeply geeky post about cosplay is in the works. It's all over but the showing, as it were, but I'm all worn out from the miles I walked the past two days.  Getting some sleep and cleaning the house)


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  3. Thanks for including the Pinterest link. My husband and I use it to save ideas for our new house and it is handy as you say. I love the word "fancy". I often associate it with the US - "Oh fancy!". The Liberty fabric is fancy, as is your button top. Sorry you have a sore shoulder. I hope it eases up.

  4. Thanks. It's a sloooow mend, and I am not good at that.
    I have had pinterest pages for toilets and flooring. None of them are fancy (which must be said with a 'fawncy' accent).

  5. Love you Spouse photobomb!

    (BTW, you know those 1990s-look sewing websites that look plagued with viruses? Well, that's the impression I get whenever I check out SPR, bless 'em)


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