Monday, March 28, 2016

We Announce an Interruption in Your Service

The normally scheduled programming of the Ernie3K Network (patent pending) is going to be interrupted for the usual spring events.

Trip to cowtown collegetown to feed/buy socks for/visit Thing One
He didn't take this with him to college.  I need to bring it with me for him.

It's done now. Hemmed 'n everything.

Last minute panics over Emerald City ComicCon cosplays
Yes, there is more than one, and mine are pretty much done, but other people are panicking.

We will return with many photos and a summary of events after April 10th.

And I'm posting snaps on Instagram. All you have to do to keep your feed is to 'like' stuff there. You don't need to get post notifications. Not yet anyway.

You know I like you, but when my phone trumpet goes off, I want it to be "Hey Mom, I'm in trouble".

In the meantime, go read this article

Making a pocket? Measure your hand first!
It links to several other irritating topics, the mostest being

On a related note, my hand spread has lost about an inch over the years. So my steady 9" ruler is now about 8".


  1. My father has been telling me since I was a kid that pockets are important for women's liberation. Thanks for the link to see that people are actually talking about it.

    I can't help wonder, though, if consumers have some responsibility for the increasing size of smartphones and the decreasing size of women's pockets. Why not refuse to buy clothes without pockets and phones that are too big for your hands? Yes, the problem is compounded by designers being disproportionately male, but surely marketers pay some attention to what sells?

    1. our father is a smart guy.

      I'm the mom, I am the home phone now that we're all cellular, and I have my small pocket-sized phone on me at all times. You know, in case of alien abductions or family emergencies. As phones have grown, I have watched them fall out of my loved ones' larger male pockets. Which are not large enough for the fablets they tote about. If they are indicative of consumer trends, phones will just grown larger and larger. Or they will all get phone watches and lose their phones hourly.

      I can get all MacRantypants about pockets very easily. I love how the article mentions how pockets 'ruin' pants. I don't think pockets have gotten smaller; if anything, there are more of them now. I have a few 40s and 50s suits with teeny fake pockets, only good for a small hankerchief at best. Pockets are still inadaquate for women, however, and that's where the sewing steps in.

      I am a pocketizer; I make the pockets bigger, I add the pockets in, I add some more. The downside to this is trying to figure out which pocket is the one with the ringing phone in it.

  2. That's YOUR father....(face palm)

  3. I think I need to go pocketing and increase my range of pockets.


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