Sunday, March 13, 2016

Geoffrey Beene Probably Did Not See This Coming Vogue 2232

I am not quite sure why I thought this pattern would be a good choice for ripstop rainwear.

I think it's the seams.

This is not the Gaultier I am talking about, but close enough

Years and years ago, in about 1995, I saw a photo in the New York Times magazine section with a organza dress by Jean Paul Gaultier with very heavy, almost boned seams. I loved it, and it's still haunting me. I have lost the photo (had it up in the sewing cave) through a move and a baby and another one, but I still ponder the potential.

And it shows up here. No relation to the original at all. This is a muslin, that is a nonfinal version of the desired item, in similar materials.

Ripstop! With silver ripstop seams!


 I do like the sleeves in a crisp fabric, but the rest wants something drapier. I would lose the v in the back, and the construction where the fronts and the backs are all one very very long piece cut on the diagonal? Skip it, no reason for it not to be two pieces with a shoulder seam.

It could be a lovely chador.

Or a rockin' choir robe.

No, I am not going to finish it. I did set in the sleeves to see if they would improve things.
No. No they did not.

front view - lovely zip pucker

back view - very Starfleet

side view - rainready choir wear!
                                            I see stuff sacks there. Several.


  1. Positively ecclesiastical. But I like the idea very much.

  2. I love reading your posts - they always make me smile!

    1. You know, if I cannot sew anything I can wear, the least I can do is turn it into humor.
      I am not having a high success ratio right now.....


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