Monday, March 21, 2016

Next Dress McCalls 7155

I confess, I'm not buying the pattern. I don't have to, because Janet has given us the b side in the photos

I can draft a pattern for me from my blocks using that basic diagram.

Don't worry, there's a wing in Lanetz Living named after me. I do not like to consider how many patterns I've bought; it's like romance novels. It's the enjoyment you get out of reading them.

Yeah. Really. And I'm insulating my home with the boxes.

But back to 7155. 

It's a pullover with "unmounted sleeves".  That term is new to me. It's not cut on the bias (at least the yardage requirements indicate so) and I won't need so much french dart in the front as I might need it in the back.  A tempting alteration I think I'll just skip for now.

I have a dress like this already, that I wore to bits and only have the bits left. It had a center back zip that I shifted to the side. It was the college go-to dress that convinced me that wearing a dress was easier than getting pants and shirts to match.

In the near future, I will be writing about my uncanny inability to get the top of a zipper not to bulge out like toad eyes. Too many examples to bear thinking about.
But the side zip insertion puts that bulgy thing in the armpit, out of view.
And makes dressing myself easier (that shoulder thing).

That topic comes up with this dress. Maybe cosplay isn't your thing, but I like it.

Hemming and the sleeve closure on the agenda for today after work.
Oh, yeah. Back to work.


  1. That's one cute dress and I admire your ability to recognize a straight-forward design that doesn't need buying. This way you'll know it'll fit you!

    I've noticed I've started to stand like the ladies in the vintage pattern drawings, all rounded shoulders and forward-thrusting hips. I wish I could stop!

  2. The Dr Who Dalek dress is amazing. I like the plain 1960s dress - just the sort of thing I like to make and wear.


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