Thursday, March 3, 2016

Unresolved Stuff from 2015, unpiled

Somehow, the idea of running a post about the stuff I didn't deal with last year, as I am working on a SewExpo post that's not coming together; this just appeals.

Welcome to The Leftovers of 2015

I began the year by deciding a McDowell drafting system would bankrupt me. It would solve every pattern drafting problem I ever had, circa 1889.

I never posted this this lovely sketch by Seurat of the Eiffel Tower under construction, from the DeYoung museum, from the trip to the High Style show.

Clara Berg promises more lectures on the clothing in the Museum of History and Industry's collection in the spring. Almost spring!

The handle for the Dalek bag will get made. I got more fabric printed up at Spoonflower. I can see it from here (points offpage)

I am not going to make this dress, but I do want to make something with the flavor of this overlapping collage of fabrics. And I have a couple yards of that rick rack on the far left edge.

The yard of this Liberty lawn will turn into something.

The raincoat with the perfect hood will be made (dumped the Miyake for an 80s Vogue noname hoody). I have all the parts. And then version 2 will sit on the table edge for another year

Well, that's the plan.

The thinking chair (from Thing One's old skateboards, surprisingly comfortable to sit in with this overheating laptop on the arm. Also good for stacking the quilt rolls on the arms and stitching over/under.

Plus, a terrifying story about knitting and old ladies on the bus.


  1. I find the hood project very interesting indeed. I am also attracted to the idea of a garment made with a jumble of patterns. And I can't quite believe the skateboard chair.

    1. I have abused the hood project for over a year. I am destined never to sew the actual coat, just make endless tissue variations on it. Not very rainproof.
      The Skaterondack is deeply comfy and is in a primo hiding place. It faces the washing machine, and I have fallen asleep in it.


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