Monday, November 14, 2016

The proof of concept that proves it was a poor idea

I love this photo, I look like I know what I'm doing

The picture jeans that were a fun sew. 
One piece pattern jeans that really work; they fit really well. 
They LOOK like hell, but cookies aren't my friends. 
This  Marcy Tilton denim panel print is just.....not flattering at all. It may turn into something else, as $54 a panel is a lot to walk away from.

After all the coats of paint (this was only coat#2), they squeak horribly.

Not shown: the lack of a facing piece in the back of the neck making this Vogue 1258 Miyake top very uncomfortable to wear. I've drafted one and added it since.

The cocoon coat does not fit everyone the way they had hoped it would

The toiles for a Chanel style jacket will get their own post later. They still make me cry.

The ant puppets were invisible on the dark set and the black clad actors, and were ruined by the second performance.

On the bright side:

The dresses are done and leaving tomorrow.

The American presidential election went on for years, dropped to new lows in divisive and vindictive 'conversation' (if you can call screaming a conversation) and has created more turmoil than I can possibly describe. 
Out here on the Left Coast, we feel pretty removed from the machinations of the parties, and the after-election "what ifs" seem ridiculous and self serving from all sides. All we've done is toss a brick through a window and start a riot.
I'm a mom. I have kids. I know a lot of different people. Many of them have been villified by our new president.
Tell why this is going to be better for all of us, if it's only better for some of us.
Peace out.


  1. Fun post- we all have our disasters don't we? Is the coccoon coat the Folkwear one? I slaved over some stunning silk velvet to make mine [intended for the evening of my wedding] but it just swamped me, and looked weird. Never worn. Another to be unpicked and re-used, the fabric was VERY expensive. Love the jeans, but agree they don't do much for you. Ah well, can't win 'em all!

    1. It is the Folkwear pattern (I have all of them, the Ralph Pink, the Patrick Kelly, I don't have the McPhee YET)- the sad part is that my sister really really really wants one, and while i think we can alter it to do what she wants, the basic trouble is: sometimes the thing we covet just doesn't work for us. I know I covet things that are probably not the actual things but what they represent to me.
      This is why I shop at Anthropologie. They make things I've thought of, and I can see right away by the finished object why it doesn't work. Thanks Anthro! I'd have an even bigger fail pile without you!

  2. Fab Marcy fabric, don't toss it - skirt??
    I have days like this so it's comforting to know I'm not the only one - thank you, you make me feel normal

    1. Just doing my job ma'am. And I think the original website suggestion for a vest was spot on. Luckily I didn't carve it up into pieces - although that has it's charms as well.

  3. I'm with Ruth...salvage those pants and use the fabric in another way. Having a statement piece will make you so happy and telling people that you turned a flop into a flip will make a good story..."Yes, this garment started it's life as pants but now look at it!" We left coasters are in shock after Tuesday's we just have to let the dust settle and make new plans and donate to causes we really think are endangered...I chose Planned Parenthood.

    1. Mrs Mole, you continue to be my hero! I go way back with PP, from my high school days volunteering in the clinic.
      The pants/future-clothing-item-to-be-named-later will be a 2017 event. Maybe that's how I'll spend January. Salvage, that's the key


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