Monday, November 7, 2016

When I Make Lists, You Shall All Quake With 1)fear 2)amusement 3)knowing this post is content-"lite"

There should not be tiny hems in chiffon. They should be normal sized hems because why do we hate ourselves so. Unless you are into that stuff, but don't make me do it.

Bintage: spent too much on vintage. Ouch.

When in doubt, interface.

When in more doubt, interline. Underline? Add a layer of softness.

Only wear things you'd have next to your skin. Fiberglass? Right out.
Stainless steel? Nope.

The World of Wearable Art is still at EMP, and I like it less and less the more I see it

( I am seven dresses and two puppets from being done, so this is what you get this week.)
Okay, the puppets are done.

We will speak more of these later, action photos next week featuring fidgety actors type cast as ants, and I will concoct a dramatic presentation on my work for Emily this last year, from the StarWars burlesque through the steamship hat to the ants. 

It's been a blast, lady. Let's make some more fun stuff!

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