Monday, December 5, 2016

A bit of perspective about my home town and me: Linky Love Snow EditionWEATHER

I don't write about myself much because I used to and it bored me.
All sentences that begin with "I" are suspicious to me.

Normally I leave these to  Instagram, but sharing is caring. And linky love is hard to do on Instagram.

In honor of the first potential snowfall of the season later on this evening, may I present to you
First Snowflake Freakout Lady
They should have asked me to pose. My shovel is prettier.

Yup, I'm ready

from a series of pretty much right on target cliche 'trading cards' from a local insurance company

Yup, guilty.


because I can't find the photo I took earlier today, and it's a charming blog

As the author in the post featuring this photo mentions, these signs live year round by the top and bottom of streets that the city will close if it gets icy (that is, streets with a steep grade that are really good for skiing).

But it hasn't done that for a few years, and the signs are still there. Mostly.


Perhaps this week?
I drove up the highway alongside a snow plow, heading north. People honked and waved at it. 
actual citizens moving sign into place, taking the law into their own hands, possibly too late
photo Seattle PI  Jan 11, 2011


None of this is actually funny except that no one was killed. Seattle is a city of hills and tall trees that fall over in the wind and we doesn't have buried power lines because poles are still cheaper than holes (nothing says holidays like a power outage when you have family staying with you)

I have gotten stuck in snow on the interstate, driving home from British Columbia in a freak snow storm that just dumped snow on a steady stream of slowly spinning out cars.
Friends got snowed in to her family's home for a week because it's Magnolia and that neighborhood is defended from snow zombies by two bridges that ice over.
And there was that time where I spun/slid into a drainage ditch a block from my home. Almost made it up the hill. Almost. And yes, I had chains on the car.

We don't get hit the same way Portland,OR does, as we are too far inland from the ocean and the cold wet air does not smack us as hard. Stumptown ices over badly.

What will be interesting if it does get icy is that since the last time it was frozen over in 2011, a lot of new people moved here, who bought the Subaru Outback and the Range Rover and think that 4WD will prevent them from sliding around.
And it won't on a hill. 

Kids, play safe, and put those signs back where they belong!

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