Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fun with Simplicity: Emerald City ComicCon Edition part one

The Simplicity 5 for $5 always gets me.
I don't need anymore patterns. I have a lifetime supply, but I do enjoy reading the catalogs.
As a child, I was victim to a similar ruffle butt outfit.

These are wrong.

I am disappointed that the catalog illustration does not feature a photo of someone in the shark bag. I guess it's up to you to realize "Hey, they're being eaten by a shark!" I just pray my Jaws obsessed niece does not see this.
No. Just no. It's a blatant ripoff of the ThinkGeek Bantha sleeping bag.

Another unlicensed spin on a Marvel character. I do love the 'wink wink' aspect to these costume 'tributes'
Baby Groot!

As a Whovian costume completist, I feel compelled to post this. But no. 
Although the fabric dog toy versions of the plunger and the death ray/paint roller are cool.

But this was dangerously close to the previous pages.
And now I have a horribly wonderful idea for a costume for Emerald City ComicCon
(March 2 - 4)
Because I can always use another one.
You know, lazy Sunday cosplay onesie suit. As one does.
Side seam pockets in a wide onesie aren't very practical, but after I reinforce the side seam from the shoulder down, it should be stable enough

Also going to add a crotch zipper for restroom ease
(it's damn hard to disrobe enough in a convention center toilet stall to pee)

Altering the pattern to fit the 5'2" person (me): I want it big but I don't want to drown in it.

The center panel is just short enough now to fit on a Spoonflower yard

Fabric ordered, rush $$ paid,pattern altered, new pockets cut, all ready to cut when the fabric arrives on the 28th. I can knock this out in a day and a half. 

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