Sunday, April 30, 2017

Raincoat cause rain

Do raincoats cause rain?
The wool jacket didn't stop winter.
Yes, they are in the sewing cave. Yes, I have family.

But it's never going to stop raining in Seattle.
Well, I surely hope not*.

I made this jacket, not using a pattern, years and years ago. I've worn it to bits, and it's failing at the seams. The hood never stays up. One breeze, even one step forward and it's down. I've been meaning to alter it, but then I noticed the seam damage.
The Riri rainbow zipper has held up, and I'm going to reuse it.

The reflective tape on the seams was a good idea. Even if it does slice me at the chest, it's VERY reflective, and between the front, the back and that little slash on the side pocket entry facing, it catches the smallest light and makes me visible enough even with the all black matte material.
I am working it into the next coat.
However, I'm done with black coats.

I've been coat watching in Seattle, and it's like we're all going to a funeral all winter long.
I just went to a funeral, and one of the things someone pointed out about the late Marian was that she NEVER wore a black coat. As proof, her red leather jacket was a part of the family photo table. She was stylin' she was.

I've been grabbing pix on Pinterest
picking up a couple patterns, taped this one together 
I took the body pieces and made them into one pattern piece to eliminate leaky seams
sorry this is hard to see, but you get the idea

And I noticed I have a style theme going here
Yes, you have seen this coat before. This particular version is from 1985.

I have worn the life out of this coat. It's the parka version. A sample my stepmother loaned me over almost twenty five years ago. I did add interior pockets.

This wasn't cheap. It is gorgeous. I am going to make one out of velvet. 
McVoguerick - you should rerelease this design!

Bathrobe would be good raincoat with the right fabric
So I have this amazing nylon fabric from Pacific Fabrics, and it's going to turn  into the new raincoat. I need to make a second muslin first.
Preliminary layout unsatisfactory, but a good photo of the fabric. You'll see it later

And before I cut into Precious, I have to remind myself that I keep looking at the same shape because I have been wearing the same shape over and over again.

I am cutting out the Green Pepper Oregon hood for this coat. I've tried a lot of hood patterns and they know their stuff. 
This was the very first thing I ever pinned on pinterest. Pretty sure.

 Because there is nothing more annoying than turning your head and seeing the inside of your hood.
*to be honest with you, it doesn't rain all the time. It's cloudy much of the time. It has rained a lot more this winter, all up and down the left coast. And it's been heavier rain; usually we just get sprinkles. It's poured several times; it flooded out the sewage treatment plant, which is just now operating with all of it's functions repaired.
So yeah, I need the hood now.

So cutting has begun and so has some crying
Sometimes the fastest way to get the photo off my phone is by posting it to Instagram....
The sleeve runs off the edge. I will have to piece it. Damn!


  1. This is very helpful as I am contemplating the first pattern, and the idea of eliminating the seams is so practical, and would NEVER have occurred to me! Looking forward to your further progress.....


    1. The McCalls shoulder seam is straight and could be eliminated easy peasy. I am finding sealing seams from the inside is a whole lot easier than I had thought: pretty much I'm just gluing the stitching holes from the inside. Finding compatible glue has been the testing tricky part. The Aleene's family of glues is showing promise.


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