Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring is officially here: Kalle shirt pattern coming out now

Here are the Pegasuses you were looking for. I know, they are upside down on the collar. Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody

Pattern testing gives me a chance to get out of my comfortable rut and make stuff I wouldn't make. Also geek out on technical matters. 

And frankly, Heather is a ton of fun to work with. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

It's been a long winter after the testing was done, waiting for it to come out. It wasn't going to sleeve, so it's not a winter thing.

sleeve: (v) to possess a longer arm covering without changing up the entire concept.

But now Winter Is Over.

Kalle is a pullover placket/button up shirt dress, with a faced yoke and faced hems and cuffed armsceye. And like all CCF patterns, it's instructions are faultless. 

My versions are of the pullover, and used the old version of the pattern. The  new version's placket is a little shorter.

Exciting tester photo. Yes, it's all about purple markers and photography.

Stripes are hem facing.

If you click on and enlarge this, you can see that I used the selvage for the collar and centered the name on the back. This does not follow exact grainlines, but I went with cute rather than perfect
Proof I made this way back when? The choir dress bags are visible in the back left corner on the rack.

I also made this out of Cotton and Steel cotton, which is about as heavy a fabric as you would want to make this out of. And as lovely as the yoke instructions are, I removed the inner layer to lighten up the shoulder line on the back seam.

I know,  buttons, but I needed to get this photo done and out. Placket is shorter now.

I dyed part of the rayon pegasi fabric for the placket and collar. See what a difference fabric choice makes?

I do love this pattern though. It's a classic shirtdress with solid state details and instructions, the placket and it's instructions/construction are worth using on other shirts because of that. It's a straightforward and rewarding sew. 
Because of the yoke (which extends out to the cuffs), I would recommend a soft fabric.  But I am going to make a couple more out of novelty fabric with a single yoke, because it's a great display for a great print.

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  1. Love your rayon version. I just bought this pattern and am looking forward to making it up.


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