Monday, May 29, 2017

Shark Quilt

 This is a project I've pondered forever, but it wasn't until a trip to Joanns awhile ago that it bore fruit.
Cause we all know how much I love novelty prints.


Quilting cottons (pretty rough quality)

Of course, when I went back all they had was the fleece, so I had to go online and search for them. It amuses me that I can buy something on their website from the very same store I was just in, something that wasn't on the floor and the staff swore they had never seen.
Okay, I know, working at Joanns can suck the fun out of you. But really? You had all this.
Anyway, online works. Ebay helped. I got a few other pieces, for five prints altogether.

And to break down the whole thing into a simple motif, I went looking for the original poster and instead found this:

Not available on their website anymore, but all visible on their Pinterest

sketched it up a little, redid proportions

reduced it to black and white, put a grid on it in Paint (then did a screenshot to capture grid)

From there, it's just enlarging using the grid system, just like I learned in high school.

Mostly I just sketched it while staring at the grid.  
made a big template

traced it

assembled the base 'waves'

Oh good god it's crooked. Well, it's crooked for good.

You can see where this is going.

I am going to edge and back it with the fleece and my niece will finally get that Jaws lap quilt I threatened promised her. Should be done this week.

I am working on a longer post about one piece pants, but it needs more photos and more thinking. 

And things are going to slow down sewing wise because I have a big cat to feed at work.

Where every day is Caturday


  1. Should I sew around the teeth in red thread? Or is that overkill?

  2. Ooooh blood, add blood! Or bits of body floating least an ear. Go on, you know you want to! [Maybe on the reverse- remember that bit where the head rolls out of the bottom of the boat? lol]

    1. I'll go with a tasteful red embroidery around the teeth. It's a lap quilt. And now the true confession: I still have not seen Jaws. At this point, is that necessary?

  3. Sweet dreams guaranteed!
    Is that cat sleeping in a keyboard case? Instrument cases make lovely cat bed.

    1. The cat has a variety of guitar cases to choose from. The boss has more effects pedals, though (when you work at home, you can bring your hobby into the office) which are not as nice to sleep on. Presently Cat has been tossed from the room for toe biting. Mine, not his. I have yet to bring my sewing machine over, but the season is early.


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