Sunday, June 4, 2017

One piece pants patterns and me

Rodale Publishing is, of course, the home of Organic Gardening (Mike McG forever!). Sandra Betzina is, of course, Sandra Betzina. So this pattern set always caught my eye, but I kept passing on it. I had no idea it has a one piece pants pattern in it.

 I learned about this courtesy of Ms Ranch House on ReFashion Coop.

I had no idea it came with a book. Clearly I need to get out more often.

There are lots of one piece patterns out there. An afternoon of pinning resulted in this

There are a LOT of these things.

I don't have either the pattern or the book*,
but I do have this:
They are bigger. The one on the right has outgrown the jams on the left one. They weren't even wearing the size pattern I use this photo for; that ship has sailed long ago.
I don't want to give away the store here, but these are pants you could draft for yourself in under an hour.  

The original pattern keeps growing to make jams for the men. That's where the Star Wars Xmas flannel went.

I do make pants for myself. The one piece Jeans pattern (more like trousers than jeans)
Curved waistband makes all the difference with jeans.

So I make a lot of pants for myself.
And once I get a pattern, I will use it over and over again. 

I do like pockets, I don't like them all the way to the sides (the shoulder injury really moved me to move the pocket openings).

But on seam pockets, where the seam is on the front of the thigh.... now that's speaking to me.
This is roughly the new pants pattern I'm sewing now. 

But sweetie, where the hell is the crotch?
It's in the center, so the pocket/side seams are shifted to the front. Keeping it one piece, even if it kills me.

(I have another post for next week on drafting this pattern)

The red vertical line indicates where the side is. I've wrapped that seam edge around more to the front (about five inches from the center seam - eight inches of actual pant). Darts in the back to take in some slack across my enormous bum, just like Loes Hinse basic pull on pants. The rest is gathered by the elastic, and since these have enormous pockets, I'm using 1.25" width nonroll elastic. Extra heavy duty support.

Laid down, without elastic. I used the cool selvage edge for the attached waistband and leveled out the hems to take advantage of it. Tucked and pleated into that waistband, which will gather more when the elastic goes in. Also milked these out of less than two yards of fabric.

We're just not going to have nicer photos today.  Sorry.
The angle on the lower front makes these bag waaaaaaaaaaay out in a really interesting way. I could hide entire families just under my knees. It feels like I should be able to cut these down and use that excess fabric on something else. And the back seam is ripping out, so even though the crotch is super deep, it needs to be scooped out an inch or so. Or two.

Yes, that very Ren and Stimpy print. I wore them everywhere, I posted them on Instagram and my son liked them and my husband liked them IRL. And no, no one made a peep. No one looks at what I wear anymore I guess.

How can you not see this? I cannot unsee this.

* I did just buy the pattern on Ebay, and it came June 1st. I am not going to open it until I'm done beating this topic to a pulp. Cause that is cheating. And I have to screw this up for myself before I will ask for help.


  1. Thanks for the info about the Betzina pattern and book. Now I have to live with the image of Ren and Stimpy in a compromised position all day!lol

    1. I guess it's my job to spread information. And cartoon characters.

  2. I always look at what you wear, and wish I could wear it too.


    1. Well, I make you shirts. I could make pants for you as well. I have a lot of leftover Jaws yardage i could work with....

  3. This is very timely, I have been fighting with a SB one pattern piece pants pattern and trying to think how to add it when someone else does the actual brain work. Waiting avidly for next installment!


    1. Ah! I will make sure I don't gloss over that. Cause I am ALL about the pockets. Possibly to my detriment.

  4. I have this pattern in my collection and just discovered that I do not have the instructions. Would it be possible you could send me pics of them?
    I don't feel confident enough in my skills to go into these without some guidance.
    (The link is to my Facebook page. It's open to the public. You can message me there.)
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    1. The pattern does not come with instructions; the book is the instruction set. Yes, I was a little surprised by that as well but there it is; I don't have them either! I am surprised they did not sell them together, or if they did, how I missed that one. Rodale is not a pattern company, they are a book publisher, so that may have been the trouble.


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