Sunday, July 16, 2017

The 2016 Shirtdress Sewalong, Now in 2017

I was looking for another set of photos when I fell on these. 
Remember the shirtdress sewalong in 2016?

This was mine.
A buck a pattern is my kryptonite. Still haven't sewn that backpack

Well, of course it's A Dress.

My choice was to run a panel down the center. 

Of course I have sketches. I've had a sketchbook in my other hand for ....I'm 58, ....48 years? Probably longer. And as ever, you can click on the photos to make them bigger.

I copied the pattern piece diagram because I'm lazy and I can.

The fabrics are by Julie Paschkis, for 'In The Beginning',  the Oceanica fabrics.
She writes about her process of designing fabrics, and the timing of it, in her blog. She is a generous soul, worth your attention.
from Loomshowroom, the fabric is now out of print.

I had the great honor of taking an illustration workshop with her some years ago, and I have followed her work ever since. I've had this set for maybe .....the store I special ordered them at is long long gone. That's how long.
Pacific Fabrics carries her work in the stores (not online it seems). 
It does sell out.

I'm a big girl now: I'm in the second size range!

Ah, this is what happened. I hung it up, I took a photo, and -
No. God no.
This is why we have photography.

So I recut.

Not as striking, but ...not as HEADLIGHTING either.

Lots of tape to finish the gathered skirt waist seam

I like to leave the selvage information somewhere in the item, so I can dash upstairs right now and tell you when this fabric was printed.


 Wonder tape to line the front panel bits up

The buttons were a stumper, and I was hoping to use two-tone vintage ones to agree with the colors

 I had two buttons. 

I've worn it twice since then. I love the fabrics, but...I dunno. And i'm missing a bunch of photos from this. I think by the time I got done with it, summer was pretty much over and I was just tired of it.

I will wear it to work tomorrow. 

Two buttons. Lots of snaps.


  1. ahh, a great save, buttons and all. And 8 years in the making. I use wonder tape, but not the hug snug. Is that for making a clean finish inside?

    1. The Hug Snug works nicely. The gathers on the skirt side of the seam get scratchy, and the HS is so smooth, it covers them right up.
      I just wish it was wider. Maybe it is. Off to the internets!

  2. I LOVE IT! I love it so much! I have a ridiculous soft spot for shirt dresses (I haven't made one yet but I have the Cashmerette pattern burning a hole in my pattern shelf), but the fabrics,THE FABRICS. When you said they were discontinued, my heart clutched a little.

    1. Julie Paschkis does a few series for In The Beginning every year, and her style is remarkably consistent from collection to collection. It's worth keeping an eye open for her fabrics.
      It kinda pains me to write that; In the Beginning was the wondrous quilting and other fabric shop in Seattle (bus tours stopped there). When the owners retired, it closed as a storefront but still exists as a fabric design company. Worth checking out.

    2. In Ballard, we lost a local quilting and fabric shop about two years ago. Still breaks my heart when I drive by and it's not there.

      I checked out In The Beginning, but it looks like their site is down at the moment? It this the right one:

    3. Yes it is. Your best bet is Pacific Fabrics; they carry them when they're out. And I am sad about that shop as well. It was pretty sweet.

  3. The HEADLIGHTS!!!!! Hahahaha. Agree with Pao, good save!

    1. They cannot be unseen. Which means I tend not to reach for this first. I'll get over it, I love the fabric so much. A good illustration teacher is important to honor, as you know.


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