Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wrap dress / yukata remodel

I've been wanting another wrap jacket. 
 I used to have a Saf T Pockets Journey jacket (version one, in black crepe polyester) that I wore every day to work, and sadly terminally ventilated in a smoking accident 
(quit three years ago this spring).
Smoking is dangerous, kids!

I guess the best description is a woven cardigan.
The knit ones get saggy in the pockets eventually.
And I am all about the pockets
I have a Bryn Walker cream linen one, without pockets.
Haven't figured out how to add pockets to it yet.
Bonus points for promotional giveaway yukata from Yomiuri Giants that spouse got at baseball game back in the 80s.
Boy, we've beaten that Ikea duvet cover to bits

I was drafting a pattern for a yukata that I made for Thing Two (Formerly Blondini), 

and while looking for that linen wrap for a model, found this black thing and there was my material.

I worked too fast for photos, but generally this was a Bryn Walker sleeveless asymmetrical lightweight black linen wrap dress, that just gaped and I never wore it.
Like this one, but in black.

So I will make it be what I want.

I cut off the skirt for yardage.

I picked out and let down the hem, and had enough for sleeves (it was really long).(go back and look at that photo. There's a lot of fabric if you cut it at the hipline) (I'm short)

 I think most of this project involved unpicking seams. 
That does seem to be the alteration job. If you can enjoy picking out hundreds of stitches, you have a future in alterations.
I love my seam ripper. Search on Etsy or Ebay for seam ripper. The points on these (parts from Penn State Industries) are forged stainless steel. Yum!

Attached sleeves 
Black does not photograph well. It just doesn't.


Lengthened the sleeves (and gave them a weightier hem) with black linen with white thread plaid (thanks Pac Fabrics for enabling my shopping experience by being open after work!)
Sort of an homage to the foldy sleeves on this

but not quite this

And added more of the same as a weightier hem (camouflage for polka dot interior pockets)

I'm making the usual zipper foldover pockets. Sewn separately and stitched into the side seam and tacked in to the body/plaid hem fabric. They will be covered by that plaid hem material at their bases. plaid is so light absorbent, I could topstitch on it and it would not show. but the bulk of the pocket contents would.
Made pockets

Glued and sewn zipper stop ends

Lined it up with the side seam and machine stitched it

Folded up the hem over it

Handstitched hem over pocket

I look weird to me without my glasses. And yes, it needs ironing. Hey, I ironed the sewn parts!
Wearing results: the side pockets are too far to the sides, so I will jimmy some more in a little closer to the front. Otherwise it works well. Sleeves are long enough for warmth, short enough for driving. Spreads wide enough to 'dibs' two seats at the  Ballyhoo performance of "Spring Awakening"
Ah, the other reason why I didn't wear it: it was always deeply wrinkled. Well, now it will be
charmingly deeply wrinkled.

And I'll wear it to work. Cause it gets chilly in the office in the morning, before the server heats it up. 
And then it's Otter Pop and bathing suit time.


  1. Nice save. I luv linen wrinkles, my self.

    1. Thank you. I don't bother ironing a whole lot of things after I sew them, but I do feel the compulsion to send them out the first time all pressed. This effect lasts about....twenty minutes.

  2. Very nice work with just the right "japanese" feel to it. I would wear it a LOT!

    1. Thanks. I intend to wear the bejebus out of it. It fills a hole, and not many things I make anymore can say that (certainly no hole in my closet)


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