Sunday, January 12, 2020

ReMake Nine: Some Challenge Thing Results

Last year, Green Violet did this
I remake stuff all the time, so it was a fair idea.

This is what I was going to do
Make a pullover bra from underpants
Remodel / resize t shirts
Transform a skirt into a hat
Reweave some sweaters
Make socks into mittens
Refashion one thing into another
Make two tshirts into one
Mend something into usefulness from the bottom of the pile
I have no bingo, even with a wild card in the middle.

Unders: I have photos, for my reference only. It does not quite work, but not for the reasons I thought. 

Simply: I like a wider bra band than an pair of underpants can provide. That waist elastic is too skinny for me. BUT THIS DOES WORK. You do need to put fold over elastic for the neck straps, and extend them past where the crotch fabric goes, but for a light day bra, yeah.

T Shirts: oh yes
 Slice em off and hem em up. Rinse and repeat. Although this one was a mistake, as when Spouse raised his arms to swing golf club, previously too long shirt raised to show off navel.
Note to self: do not alter too-large golf wear.
The best one this year was the Poe sweater from Archie's: it was too big by half, but not anymore.
I took it apart into pieces and moved the whole body up three inches (or lowered the neckline: pick one, same thing).
Cut carefully. Plan your piece cuts carefully. Make pattern pieces just to be safe.
It's a pattern for the neckline, so I can replicate it three inches lower.
Save any yarn you can to resew the neck back on 
(so it will stretch)

The redone shoulder and top armhole seam, interior.

Transformed: Skirt into hat: Not yet.
Years ago (2014), I cut a wool miniskirt into chunks to make a hat. The parts resurfaced when I made this grid. And then it disappeared again. No, I can't find the pieces. I could have sworn I still had photos on this blog. Apparently not.

Reweaving: oh yesss, Very overexposed to show the stitches.
This is the fun one.
Apparently I did not blog this one?

Now I have.
Feet into hands: Socks into mittens: did not work. It could, but I lacked patience. 
 Made mittens instead, cause needed mittens.

Refashion: kind of a  meh
Turned tote bag into dog rain coat. It would have worked better with dog for measurements. I got it back all chopped up to better dimensions
This is the before photo.
After's note: "We bought a good one so no thanks"
That's my second son.
Just like his ma.
The sweater was a success

Two into one:  not yet. I need to toile one
She is my inspiration for the better version that I will make, vs the 'eh' one I was thinking of.

From the bottom of the pile: oh yasssssss
The neck on this Tilton V8813 just cut into my neck, so for a quick win after a couple fails, I put in a back neck facing
Made a paper pattern first! Yay me!

Mostly just stitching to seam allowances, although I did open up the back neck seam to slot this in.

I could enjoy this dress now. It's a light weight shirt fabric, so I'm not wearing it now, but I've got a tablecloth to make this my Pao Tribute Dress.
God I hated sewing this maybe not yet.
My sewing plan for 2020 is I'm making a Chanel style, Western decorated jacket, I'm making a toile or two first, and I'm going to take way too long to make it. 
so this blog will get really boring.
Well, we will still have mending...
We'll see exactly how long this lasts.


  1. Yea for you doing any at all! Definitely the sweater for the win. I sorta did the opposite of your undies to bra - sports bra into garter belt. uhuh. Go girl.

    1. Ooh, they would work! I have had success with the elastic from my kids' boy knit briefs. Soft! Stupid soft! Also the right size for either my head or my thigh, though the lower may be bigger than the upper at this point.


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