Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sew The Precious

Just to be clear, this is what they are talking about

Andy Serkis from Alan Jackson's LOTR
Smeagol at the beginning with His Precious 

I bought this from the gift shop buyer at Seattle Art Museum after the YSL show.
The whole bolt had been hanging out in the display area, and I just had to have this.
I've had this since 2016. Which is not so very long, for someone who hasn't had to move her stash since 2004.

Because I had ideas.
and then they ended.
but I still have the bolt.

It's woven silk (?) folded and fused to a knit backing
Not stretchy but very flexible.

And I have a lot of it. It's two pieces, and I guess I should unroll it to find out how much. I did once, and then I had to roll it up because I started hyperventilating.
I have a couple other precious, but this one is really really precious.

So it's going to be a jacket.
Which one, I'm unsure.  but I have a whole year to ponder this.
You should never give me a whole year to ponder.

The Precious will get to you in the end. Better to cut and sew it to tame the obsession.

And more Andy Serkis from Alan Jackson's LOTR
And Gollum at the end.

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