Friday, March 20, 2020

I am working at work

My job is talking to people all day. It's phone customer service, nothing special, but a lot of our customers are old people.

That was also the case for the last job. most of that was coaching folks over the phone on how to  use their computers to access our product. Which turned into teaching them about the Internet.

This job has turned into counseling old people on not living in fear.

One quick and entertaining piece of advice:

Be Max Brooks.

As for me, I come home from work, play solitaire, pet the cat, and go to bed.
I'm exhausted from talking people down from their fears. At least ten of those people hadn't spoken to anyone else all week And that was just today. 

I'm not doing much sewing. I will again soon, I do have some stuff I need for work, but I'm just worn out.

What I feel I am doing that is necessary is talking to people who are worried and need someone who isn't a family member to express their concerns to.
Some of the concerns are petty. That's cool
Some are profound. That's pretty damn cool.

What I want to leave you with:
don't judge people for their feelings.
They get those. They need those.
Judge yourself on your actions.
Examine what you really need.
If you can share, do.
If you are in need, ask for help.
What brings us together makes us better.

We will meet again on the other side of this, and I want to know that I was the best person I could be in the duration.

In the meantime, call your family. Check in with your friends. Call your neighbors.

They need to hear your voice.
I know, because they told me so today.


  1. thank you for your thoughtful words - I can appreciate how taxing it must be talking to people as you have been, while not the same, I used work in retail, and there would be times when I would just get people'd out Its also hard to find the balance between being careful (re social distancing and movements) and not being anxious.... take care and stay safe

  2. Thanks for that, I needed to hear it. You rock, sister!

  3. Wisdom right there. I called one today. Thanks.

  4. Keep up the great work and take care of yourself. Thanks for the smile. I talked to an older friend who lives alone today and helped him get set up with some grocery delivery. It felt good to do something small but useful.

  5. This was beautiful. I teach college and I feel even more now like I'm a fumbling but earnest counselor to my students instead of just their teacher. They're sad and confused and I find myself taking a lot of their emotions on. I'm usually happy to do it but man it wears a body out. Take care of yourself and thanks for all you are doing.


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