Tuesday, September 13, 2022

My version of a dress riffing on a detail on a Rachel Comey dress

Rachel Comey vogue 1585 copyright 2018 McCall Pattern Company Inc

When I am stuck, I go through my pattern boxes. 

I bought this one when Joann's had the $4 Vogue pattern sales (that's a story all in itself)

and I realized the part I liked what this flange over gathers.

and it just worked itself out on paper.

borrowed the main piece from a known object
The usual process photos that i won't identify very well, using a lawn I've had in my stash since Clinton started Funkadelic.
I just never found a thing that suited it, or i wasn't ready to wear it. Either one.

My hems have gotten deeper. Progress.

there's some flipping and pinning and flipping

I am absolutely terrible at taking photos of myself, but I am worse at getting other people to take photos that aren't even WORSE

The other photos are equally poor, but this doesn't feature hot pink compression sox.
I have a pair that match this dress. I'm wearing them right now.
If you are old, and it gets hot, compression knee highs are your best friend ever. And it has been hot.

More notes.

Cause there will be a second one. I set fabric aside for a Style arc Sydney dress that is happy to have a better choice (and I have added the center panel pockets from the Sydney to this).


  1. It looks great, & comfy, plus fun to sew

  2. I like the flange over gathers too. And the well-aged fabric suits the pattern well. Elle

  3. Very creative!
    That dress came out good and looks great on you...
    :-) Chris


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