Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Halloween 2022 - Be Your Own Lydia Deetz, Broadway Edition

 Threads has a Broadway inspired costume post from a year back:


with how to dress up as Broadway characters for Halloween.

(or any day really)

I appreciate their devotion to trying to recreate the Six musical costumes

Pro tip: the costumes have microphone holsters on their waistbands .Why do they cover them with their hands in this photo?
the red circles are around the microphone holsters

also if you just want close ups


adding this V&A video on the costumes 


Added: Simplicity Andrea Schewe does it again


and https://simplicity.com/simplicity/s9628


But why stop there?

Beetlejuice is still playing

Beetlejuice's suit is just a men's suit, but Lydia Deetz' dress is a very specific thing
Kinda a Lolita thing. Or a prairie thing.....
I'm not super into Joann's but I'm very pleased with the hour I spent at work assembling a list of the things you could buy there right now to make this dress.
Prairie, but make it black

So, local high school musical theater, I have solved for your future Lydia (if ever any show was born for high school musicals, it's Beetlejui - if I type it three times....)

While I was searching on Lydia dress images with googly eye, this came up
and I realized this is nothing but a patchwork dress of different prints overdyed with black. Maybe that's what I do with the left over quilting cotton stuffs.
If you already have a prairie dress that wants to go goth, you could over dye it (Rit makes a darker than black overdye kit, and the website is full of information on using black dye successfully
You would have to add your own ruffle ruff collar and safety pins. Easy enough.

Homework is a lot, work is killing me, all my work files are GONE and we just got Windows 11 at work and Paint is unrecognizable. So I will get less collage work done at work for awhile.

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