Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How do I want to wear this?

That's the universal question in sewing.
I like a look.
Is it the color, the shape, the fabric?

I don't want the hair, the buttons, but I do like the fabric (taffeta with some body?). I would make the bodice top a little more pleated than gathered, and I think I want the transition line to run just above the do you say it? Bust point.
I've always like this bodice:
As a flatchested woman, I am always interested in styles that take advantage of that.
I'm not interested in a heavily constructed  object (not a corsetier by any stretch) but I do like an architectural piece of clothing
This is one of my favorite shirts, I've made about five of them from the old Miyake Vogue pattern. It's so cozy and it looks so cool.

Somewhere between the two, that's where my brain is going.
I just don't think I can pull off buttons on the front (that damn machine is giving me fits again). Side zip?

Meanwhile, I bought fabric. And snaps. And an invisible zipper. Oh, and more thread.
I have a date I'd like to wear it by.

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