Saturday, March 30, 2013

A collar pulls it together

Still need to take a photo that shows how closely this fits. 
So I added the collar.
Part of the problem with this project has been the offgrain nature of the evil poly shantung.  Remember how hard it is to work with cheap fabric? How it's not really worth the savings?

It's not. See how far off it is at the selvedge when I line up the crossgrain?

Drew up how long the collar needed to be
Made a pattern piece of archetect flimsy, made sure I had enough remnant (yes, it does pay to be a hoarder now and then)
Ironed it out and established a true line to put the collar on.
And then some other stuff happened.

The sleeve cap is much prettier than this. Only a slight rise with the seam allowance pressed towards the sleeve.
And a few hours of profanity and coffee later, there was a collar.

And you know, it does pull it together.  I would not have added one unless I was entering the PR fitted blouse contest. And I think it's going to stay. I'm seeing a nice pin on the cross now and then.   Perhaps a Star Fleet one (couldn't resist that)


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