Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's done, but...

So this was the model.

This was the result.
My button hole skills stink right now, so I went with a side opening. 
 And I lined the front pleats and tacked them down so they would not droop.
And now I feel all the life is sucked right out of it.
I wore it, I got compliments, I handed out cards to a few people looking for sewing.
I do have to be prised out of it, over my head. It is FITTED. Sleeves have a dartlike fold at the elbow.
I will come back to this, just not this month. What's killing me is that the Fitted Shirt contest on Pattern Review requires a COLLAR (and the Wikipedia entry about collars is linked).

Do I add a collar? I mean, this shirt is FITTED within an inch of it's life (actually a centimeter).

I have to ponder further.

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