Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watching people make things is almost as good as making it's not

Now and then I like to cruise You Tube for sewing and designing links. I am most partial to the TR Platforms videos; pretty much swoopy shots of still photos of amazing stuff on dress forms. Some action vids as well.

I could watch the woman make the  the rolled hem on the Hermes' scarf one over and over again (and I have, often in tears).
And speaking of action shots: did you ever wonder how those rosette forms are made?

Free style draping video (about fifteen minutes)

There is action, suspense, a few heartstopping moments, and a nice resolution. My spouse had to leave the room while I was watching, as I was talking back to the screen ("Oh no! Really? WHAT? Oooooh!"). I had to take a break for coffee in the middle. Where is the popcorn?

I'm not so interested in the completed item; I have an allergy to big shoulders (mine are big enough) and things that make you look a little like an extra from Star Trek. That said, the process is fun to watch.

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