Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Altering pants pattern to fit

I could go on about how to make pants fit you, but Shelley J over at New Vintage Lady has it pretty much figured out.


As for my adventures in pants, 

Textile Studio 1001 basic pants don't fit me out of the box. I have a bit more junk in my trunk than they assume, so I needed to add more fabric down there. So, added a waistband in the back,  giving me almost three inches more depth to the back seam. 

I altered the pattern, and then went at the pants. Luckily, the elastic casing width in the pattern gave me something to work with. 

The back seam moved up.

Waist seam trimmed for band addition (lurking at right)

Sewn and ironed

Matched to front edge and ironed

Edge serged, top and bottom of elastic casing sewn, and finished with a rickrack loop at the back.
And next time, these pants are ready to go out of the envelope...except for the part where I'm moving the side seams forward and changing the pocket and.....

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