Monday, April 22, 2013

Hats and polka dots

Working on a set of prints at Spoonflower, partly for a pal, partly to replace the polka dot dress I love.

As part of the Pattern Review Pattern Stash contest, I've been doinking around with Vogue 7464, hat B. AKA, Satan's Little Hat. The instructions stink. 

That's where you want to go if you want to make this one. She figured it out, but I have to say the results are still marvelously underwhelming. I used crap felt and a scrap of loved cotton to work it out for myself.

And then I had to try it in cotton with a contrast just for grins.  It's four smallish pieces and about an hour or two once you've got proper instruction (see link above). And even though I never finished the buckram for the cap, it was a fun afternoon.

Noooo, I'm not wearing it. Or the other one. But I learned something, I have an idea for the hat I'm cooking up, and more experiments are coming.

Because this summer, I've got Ring tickets.
And raven fabric.
Pics later.
Pants to sew.

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