Monday, April 15, 2013

Votre Mode

I am running out of interest in stash busting or pattern following. I've got a Vionnet bug in my bonnet (always do this time of year)

The bodice is going up next. To hell with competitive sewing. I'm itchy for drapy.

At the beppa studio sale this weekend, some buttons, and a 1950's newsprint french fashion mag, Votre Mode. Ooooh! (lala to your taste)  What a treat!

I scanned only the center gatefold plus another page, but this is what summer sewing is going to look like for me.

Shirts shirts shirts! Well, dresses dresses dresses, but with shirt tops. Back sketches in blue next to their color illustrations.

Particularly this one. I'd skip the flappy pockets (tastelessly referred to in my family in the 70's as tit flaps) but I love the double L inset/piping. And a stand collar? Oooh!

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