Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tony Stark At Home

Taking a brief break from spring break parenting and manic competitive sewing for Pattern Review, I would like to share this photo, from EW this week. Credits on bottom of photo: I do not own it, I'm just borrowing it.

This down home workshop is only missing a couple of PBR's (or a Thermos brand in red plaid) and a less expensive blanket (that Pendleton retails for over $350, I saw it at SewExpo for 80 a yard). 
But the other details are spot on: the stuff hanging on the walls, the light well of the basement shop, the tool chests, the Atlas gloves...and are those baby food jars lower right on the bench?

I see this as the Suit complaining about life at home while Tony keeps working and mumbling "Uh huh, got that right, man"

Ok, back to work.

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