Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Machine Needle Organizer: "Homage" is just another way of saying "Knockoff"

Check this out. You slide your machine needle sideways into the stuff by the little text that identifies which needle size and type it is. Saw one at Joann's for 15$.

And check this one out.

I am sure Other (mysterious) will see a lot of action

Same thing, kids. Finally, a use for that nasty glue backed velcro (oops, hook and loop attaching tape); the glue peels apart better than the hook/loop (and gums up the machine if you try to sew it).  Used the fuzzy side, stuck it on a card, made my own labels with the printer and a glue stick. Same damn thing as the one at the store.

Since I use the same needles over and over again, this isn't a bad solution for me. Embroidery? No. Leather? Yes.  Microtex? Which size? Can I read the labels on the needles? Who on earth can?

Yes, I did just dump them on the scanner, turn them right way up, and scan them to determine which  kinds of needles I would need labels for.  I am sure '14' meant something to me at some time. And look, there's an embroidery set! Ha!

I do dream of making an emery cushion for the machiners, sort of killing two problems with one tool; sections labeled with the styles and sizes, slide the semiused needle in and boom, sharpening action! There are lots of how-to's on the interweb; using brass wool or the like has a lot of appeal (cause I have a lot of it for some reason) rather than builder's sand.

 I'm just not organized enough to be that organized yet.

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