Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Culotta Folda!

This is almost better than my birthday.

Today I am the guest blogger on craftypod

Diane has been running a series of all photo/no text blog entries, which is a challenge for wordy little me.

I've been wrapping paper around my fingers trying to come up with a new ...something to wear on the bottom. Something I can make out of cotton, from my vast collection of novelty prints.

Version Two, Version One, final version Four

Today I have a new pattern up on Craftsy
Culotta Folda

Big, drapey, side folds and falls on the bias with all ongrain seaming. Legs wide enough for leaps of faith. Space to add pockets (cause I am all about the pockets).  Elastic waist (could be converted to waistband with zipper front with ease (ooh, joke there)).  Three yards of 44" or wider fabric, enough elastic to go around your waist, and 32 sheets of US letter paper to print it out on.

And a star to sail her by...

So it's a double whammy day for me.

From drawings

to dreadful self reference shots in progress

to honest modeling in public

and the most boring part: walking the digital pattern for continuity.

(not shown: cat trying to knock stuff off of computer table, kids complaining about laundry, spouse  wondering about dinner, boss wondering about sleep deprived employee)

Thirty two pages of graphic uncertainty!

What pleases me, beyond that it's up and done,
is that I really enjoy wearing it.
And I got pockets into it!
(photographers have grumped off to bed)

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