Monday, June 3, 2013

Lining the pocket - Genius!

Welcome to the job I hate the most. Yes, you carry your wallet in your back right pocket in your stylin' jeans. And eventually the killer wallet eats through the fabric.

I can't match the pocket. Undoing rivets is often a disaster. 

 I can topstitch in matching thread, though.

I undid the stitching up to the rivets and pondered my options as I unpicked for an hour.

I can't match the pocket, but I can match the underside....

So I did a patch on the hole, and sewed it on.
Which will eventually wear through the pocket. How to stop this?

I could line it.

I sewed on a piece of nice shirting leftovers, stitching as close to the top row of stitching between the rivets. The grey fabric is going to fold back towards the bottom of the pocket. Left long thread tails to finish it to the edge by hand (adding pockets post also uses this tip) 

Flipped it down (you can see the seam allowance on the grey just below the rivets) Pinned it down to topstitch the first line (the closest to the interior).

Trimmed the lining so its raw edge lands between the two rows of topstitching.

Topstitched second row, left long tails to hand finish.

See the lining? Feeling pretty smart right about now.

And here it is. Yes, it has a tasteful bit of fraying, and it looks like it still has a hole 

Off to do my victory lap around the block.


  1. Very nice work! I like how you solved the problem. High 5!


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