Saturday, September 21, 2013

Left Hand Oven Mitt At Spoonflower

I've been messing around on Spoonflower for about a year, and had the idea to make an oven mitt of my hand. You know, form follows function.

So I scanned my hand. Both sides. Tried very hard to get them to line up the same way, so it would be reversable.

So today I finally got it done.

Lined them up on my favorite lightbox: the dining room window. Pinned.

Marked and sewed and pinked.

I sewed quilted ironing board cover for the liner (reinforcement with wool felt on palms and fingers is layered in there), sewing over the seam on one side, then attaching the liner on the other side and followed previous seams (just out a little, so the outside seam would be the first pass, so my design wouldn't be trimmed). Left the cuff (with the inscription) long to fold over and sew. Could have used bias tape and made a hanging loop, but I don't hang my mitts.

Kids, don't sew it this way. Go to a point, sink the needle, and then sew back the other way. This makes it too bunched up at the thumb joint. You do want to leave batting in the seam allowance; it makes the mitts not have nasty holes for getting burned.

See? Thumbs all squinched up. And yes, it is starting to creep me out.

But it works.

(no, I didn't trim off my fingertips, but I should have left more space around them so that they would show better. And creep me out more....)

My...disembodied.... HAAAAANNNNNND!

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