Tuesday, September 10, 2013

rippin good times

Work continues, and while I could bring the portable Kenmore and set up a'sewin, 

this isn't mine, but isn't it having a nice time in the sun? Ready for my Ebay closeup!

that just seems like I'm admitting work is dead and I'm just babysitting.

So I brought rippin' work.

Like any maker, I have tools I love more than others. I love the Kenmore more than the Bernina. I love the big ass tailors' shears more than the old Ginghers, but not by much. You get the idea. 

I am very picky about seam rippers. It's the ultimate hand tool. In the end, no matter what gadget you use, and there have been several, you end up ripping by hand.

I would like to shout out to the Oxo Good Grips people to make a seam ripper. That big fat rubber handle on one of these....

Or buy some Sugru and do it yourself. Or search online for the recipe for Oogoo. Remember, any self-hardening recipe needs exact proportions, or you have made tar. The NeverHardeningTarOfToolRuiningDoom!

I'm going to share some love here and send you to
Joan's toolbox
to see her $5 on the topic. She is so utterly correct. It's a scalpel. Sit down!
At the moment, this is the go to ripper. Love that fat bottom handle!
This is my next seam ripper

A lot of zipper fail being undone. A giveaway Mariners baseball bag, beloved by Elder Son, got a new zipper after an hour of zip rip yesterday. Today, a gimmewear from Microsoft Office, a souvenir from the bad old days, great jacket, multifail zip. Unsure of what to replace it with.

But that's another post for another day.

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