Thursday, September 5, 2013

My grandmother's windbreaker

Does this jacket look familiar?

Does it look familiar now?

If you want to really indulge, do an image search on the term "90's windbreaker"

Oh my gosh.

I had less luck finding a photo of my grandmother in one. She was a quick one. Take my word for it. She loved those track suits something fierce. I also searched on Golden Girls, grandmothers in windbreakers, and sewing expo (where my scone photo appeared early on. Go figure). No dice.

It is too easy to beat up on BurdaStyle these days. They seem to be stuck in an ugly or regrettable rut, and it's unfortunately coming at the same time that they are expanding their online brand.

That said....I particularily love the prepleated 'wrinkles' at the elbow.  Those three rows of elastic that will enlarge any waist.  The sleeves that cut off at an angle to round off the entire torso. 

 It's just... unfortunate.

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