Thursday, January 16, 2014

Aftermarket/Afterthought pockets again

Another afterthought/aftermarket pocket mend.

Truly ugly rain parka. Added inside patch pockets... ten years ago?

I hand sewed the pocket to the lining, and it's been failing.

Since it's large enough to carry a 16oz coffee in it without concern, it stands to reason it would wear out.

New mend idea.

Grab pocket and lining, and fold over at pocket edge, machine zig zag stitchover that 'edge' from top to bottom.  Zig zag should widen out enough to make new 'seam' lie flat. Or flat enough.

Kinda the blind hem approach. Hoping to catch enough of both edges but not much more. The length of the thread/ number of continuous stitches will give the seam more strength and holding power than hand stitching with deeper stitches spaced farther apart.

Still need to tidy up the ends (left the threads long to sew them back in for added security)
but you get the gist of it.

Not a long term solution, but for a coat I had no intention of keeping, it's lasted a long time.

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