Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sweet 30's New Vintage Lady Hat

I've been trying to get a review up of New Vintage Lady's 30's Cap Hats

Sweet, huh?

This is as far as I get. It's a close fitting skull hat with band variations.

I've interlined with heavy interfacing and lined with rayon satin. And added a triangle of fuzzy fleece at the back center for traction. I don't do well with bobby pins.

There were some mistakes made in cutting out the lining. And one of the pattern pieces is backwards (very easy to do with unprinted patterns) so there's been  unpicking and resewing.

I removed the bows as I don't do well with bows. But it needs something. And the bands, while pretty cool, just aren't sitting in the right spot yet. I did slide plastic into the upper band to give it structure,, and I'm going to pick up some fake flowers for a cascade on the right side.

So on it's own, it looks pretty sweet. Or it will

It's just so small on my actual head. No, this is not a flattering photo of me. But that's where the hat sits right now. WAAAAY up there. It doesn't fit moved forward on my head. The hat is scaled to fit a 23" head. I have a 23" head.

More thinking will occur. Bigger top band with more air? The fabric is a pea vine pattern; fake pea vine flowers down side? The skull cap fits very well, it could hold some serious frippery.

I've never done frippery on my head. I am enjoying my playtime here.

Fake flowers ho!

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  1. Cute hat but it does need to fit further forward. Or go with the ton of stuff... Because if you can't go nuts on a hat, when CAN you?


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