Monday, July 21, 2014

Sewing Summer Break, Sewing Planning, and Projectifying

Over the last couple of years, my sewing/knitting/working changed up dramatically. 

I had to stop knitting for hand issues, I started a 40+ hour/week summer job, and I decided to pay attention to sewing/pattern making/blogging as a job rather than a hobby.
I WILL be brought back from the dead!

Between the three events, I make sure my machines go away to get tuned up over the summer. I can knit one object, unless I have a really heavy data entry day. And regular posts and tutorials are out.

I have to consider what projects I want to focus on for my sewing work, and balance those with the sewing needs of my family (I'm talking about you, cosplay kid!) and friends (yes, you cosplay pals!). That and the alterations are turning into their own job.
And there's a pattern or two in the hopper to go out to Craftsy pretty soon.

Plus an enormous cloud print, to go with the enormous water print that should be up for sale soon.

So summer is for working,  planning, working, dreaming, and reading. And working. Because now my office job is vacation time from sewing (and my kids - shhh!).  Last September I came back with more energy and more ideas than I'd ever had before.

I WILL buy more movie star buttons!

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