Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spoonflower, Knits Wovens and Free Shipping

I had to screenshot this to show you

 Spoonflower has another fabric in the hopper? Ottoman rib is up on the Flickr page and made into the Burda moto jacket! Another heavier, washer safe textile, hot on the heels of Faux Suede

Faux suede, like the other poly family members, has real blacks and great detail pop in high contrast. This design of mine is Byzantine/Dandelion, The fabric does have a nap, it's shinier than I'm showing in this photo, and it will need a teflon or walking foot as it has a little stickiness to it, like most faux suedes.

The swatches come in fast and furious.

ArtGarage's Tesla Wardenclyffe print in cotton knit.
 The organic cotton did me a favor and only crocked on the edges. This medium cotton knit has had a revision or two, and seems a lot heavier now.
Pee Wee Approved!

And here it is all sewn up into a t (selfmade pattern, traced from a tshirt that fits)

Shameless self promotion for  Polkabots

Okay. This is performance pique. That is two inches unstretched.

Action shots!

I think I pressed the camera button with my nose

After stretching, it's grown a bit.

And this is performance knit. Not a good choice for self labels

An inch and a half before

Yes, I did use my nose to press the shutter button.
 It will almost go to three inches. But not quite. It recovers nicely. So, not as stretchy but snaps back.
You make the call.
I went for the pique. I think a fat quarter will make up most of the XYT workout top from Fehr Trade (a bit of piecing will make up the length - and I am pretty short torso'd). At 28 by 18, that's a hefty and honest quarter.

One thing that baffles me is that the swatch for this is in focus, but the image on the webpage goes out of focus when it loads. You kids and your modern webpages today.....

Waiting on my modern jersey swatch; they keep running out of it and I couldn't wait for there to be enough for free swatch day. Kids, if you are working on designs and can't afford to buy the swatches to get the stuff up for sale, load your designs into the system and wait for the free swatch days. You can select your own unproofed stuff and boom! You're golden! After the pique and the poly knit, I was super curious as to how lightweight the modern jersey could be.

Modern Jersey swatch got lost in the post office (apologies from my lovely mail man) and is quite light and drapey. Probably the nicest 'hand' of all the Spoonflower family after the cotton sateen, takes ink well as it's poly. I'm not a big poly fan (I am a warm 50's ladyperson - hint hint, knowhatimean) but this is pretty close in drape to my beloved rayon challis, so I may have to make an accomodation.

I have so wanted somewhere I could make my own prints. And reproduce fabric prints I love. I don't have to make them public, and I wouldn't, but for my own use, hell YEAH! I've just been waiting for the right textile. And this may work for some of them.

Let's see how far this stuff stretches

Pretty far. And it grows translucent the more you stretch it. 

Underwear weight? Stay away from too much negative ease, I guess.

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