Sunday, July 27, 2014

New upload page for Spoonflower "Do you own this?"

2. Confirm copyright.

So let's stop pretending we own these things

To be honest, I got nailed for putting up Minecraft prints. Not by Spoonflower, but by Jinx!, who do licensing for Minecraft/Mojang in America. Oh, there's more of it up now, but not me. I do not want to have my Spoonflower spigot shut off permanently. Any profits I made got donated to Mojang (My evil desire for Minecraft fabrics was balanced by a deep belief in karma, with clear experience of it's effects and having had my intellectual property stolen waaaay back in the stoneage of the Internet).

No, there is no official Minecraft fabric; in spite of my whining to Mojang and Jinx!, there still isn't. Which stinks but there it is.

I have no problem with repurposing a print for my own personal use, and as long as I keep the settings to private, I call it good (you have to actively choose to make a design public and must purchase a swatch to sell. It's not a casual act).

So, jacket needs mending. Jacket can't be matched for lining.

Here's the tag for the jacket

And here's an all-over field print of that tag, in silk, to make a lining repair for that jacket.

The shoulders and cuffs were worn through, and there was no hope of matching or coordinating the lining or the jacket color. The 'inside the sleeve' mend for the lining at the cuff is where this is going to shine. When I get there, I will illustrate (it won't be the season for this jacket for months).

Although it would have been cool to use this magazine cover, of a jacket from the same company in very similar lines and the same screaming mustard yellow heavy wool melton and ribknit. I may scan the cover and put it on the inside back of the jacket, again in the silk (the jacket is dry clean only).
The cover story is epic and worth checking out. The pockets on my jacket are slightly different. 

The Internet and the scanner has made it remarkably easy to steal other's work.  Oddly, the Minecraft designs were not copied; I had to build them in better colors by hand to get a result that worked printed out on fabric. Still, the results were not really original work; a pastiche, not even a parody.
 Sadly, the quilt has crocked so badly it looks nothing like Minecraft.

I've had the singular honor of being ripped off in a couple of different fields, and have pretty much come to the conclusion that there is nothing new under the sun and there is no point in pretending that there is. One guy that ripped off my font work got it stolen from him by a multinational company that was dissolved in a bankruptcy.  Now it's everywhere.

You just have to run faster and harder than the other guys and make so much stuff that you don't notice who uses it.

I gotta go. I got stuff to make.

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