Wednesday, August 6, 2014

T shirt Experiments

 We have a lot of tshirts in this house. A lot of raw material.

These are just a few of the experiments.

This is my fake shibori dye tshirt, where I randomly stitched pintucks across the front

This is a re-necked  former turtle neck shirt.
I serged chunks from previous tshirt projects into a tube and sewed it on like a cowl.
And then I reinforced the back neck.

I would recommend reinforcing the back neck FIRST... this is one over stretched cowl!

And an intial foray into Alabama Machine Chanin

I drew the design on tracing flimsy, and sewed through that, then cut away the centers of the shapes to reveal the other knit below. 

this is more accurate for the colors

I trimmed the excess back on the wrong side. It's made it through a few washer and dryer cycles so far, but I'd rather keep it out of the dryer.

I’ve been rebuilding/remodeling a lot of t-shirts; I almost never sew knits from scratch. As much as I like to work as flat as possible at all times, sewing up the side seam and inserting the sleeve does give the best results in knit. I am a chronic knit-stretcher, so I cheat on it by sewing most of the armscye flat, sew the side seam flat, and then sew them together at the armpit so that the dominant seam is the one going around. Stole this from jeans construction. Much more comfortable to wear.

Which I guess means that should be the next post...


  1. I never thought of machining the Alabama Chanin. Furthest I've gotten is flipping through the book. Maybe I'll actually try it!


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