Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just messin' around

a theory of The Convertible One, by Their photo, my drawings.
This is pretty much what happens when I'm supposed to be doing something entirely different. 

I'm actually writing out instructions for a new pattern, the pattern I took up when I got bored writing the instructions for the other pattern. Neither has absolutely anything to do with this design at all; one's a hat, the other is another culotte pattern. 

Which is probably why I doodled this one.


Copy a photo of something you think is interesting.

Open it in Paint, or something you can sketch with.

Drop a grid over it, or eyeball it to make a mock up of what you think the structure is. In this case, I've made it side by side, to get an idea of what the pattern might be, and what the measurement ratios would be. Her torso is probably 17" high (or mine is), so that's my ruler. The bodice is half that, accounting for negative ease in a knit fabric that central tube is probably smaller than 32/34", but you could fit yourself for that.

I know from other photos that the holes to the sides are also tubes (might be longer than drawn) and that the bottom hem is narrower than the top. Based on the drape, I'm pretty sure the distance between the tubes on the top edge is relative to the width at the bottom.

Will I mock one up? 

I don't have that much knit for a muslin.

Did I enjoy myself?


Back to work. "Place bands on fold, or copy two and tape together to make one long pattern piece".

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