Saturday, August 16, 2014

Opera Costume Shop Sale

We interrupt our tshirt theme to do a little victory lap for attending this:

Mostly costumes from retired opera productions (much Austrian military uniforms as Der Freischutz is not going to be performed again any time soon, and many druids from the old production of Norma).

I did not think to take the good camera, so snaps from the lousy camera on the old phone only.

A little fake pleather woved to make shiny chestplates.

Many racks, much trying on (far right)

Yes, it does make you look like Wotan. Or was that from Parsifal?

You were limited to how much you could carry.  You could exit and wait in line to reenter if you ran out of hands, which led to several folks wearing their treasures, like four petticoats at a time (which makes you a pretty wide load). 

Center of this shot is a beautiful owl costume, made of fabric feathers layered over and over in different prints. I've made something like it for halloween costumes, but NOTHING like that.

My task was to search for men's coats and jackets. And there weren't many out for sale, as they get used until they are all used up.

I did find one that Peter Kazaras wore as Peter Quint in Turn of the Screw, probably my favorite of all the productions in the last thirty years. And if I had more room I would have bought it (came with a big set of wings that hook through those buttonholes).

But I did get these

Because a mask and gloves always come in handy


  1. Wow, how much fun was that!

  2. The best part of this was getting to yak with folks I used to work with at different nonprofits over the years, and introduce folks to other folks who ought to know each other. Here in Seattle, you don't get a raise in pay in place, you move to a different workplace and get one. Or you get a better title, same money. Same job, different desk.


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