Sunday, August 24, 2014

Two Family Vacation means no sewing

We go to Fort Worden State Park most years

this is the official post card of the officers' housing row. Old, huge, indestructable apartments: great for families with kids with big wheel trikes to ride indoors when it rains

Actually, what it means is no electronics. No games for kids, and no machine for mom. It's only four days......

There was reading (book report soon!)

A big table to redraft Mail Order 9213

And vicarious living through reading. This book is still outgassing printers ink solvents from all the full color photographs. I had to read it outside.

A crabby crabapple

2013 Port Townsend Marine Science Center photo

See those sea stars? They're dead now. The wasting disease is killing them all over the Pacific Rim and beyond

Something happened in the offseason locally that no one wanted to discuss, but was hinted at all over town, including on the pizza boxes

Hmm. Ever see 'An Officer and A Gentleman'? Same place.

It would not be a ferry trip without logging trucks onboard

And there's another one in front of this one

Back to work tomorrow!

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