Monday, January 11, 2016

Face, Meet Palm (or: Shoulda known that's)

Beeswax in a convienient tube form

Ruth Ciemnoczolowski buries the lead at the end: Bees wax lip balm as thread conditioner.

Spoonflower survey for the color NOT to use next year photo

The project I keep thinking about and deciding against

It would work with the hefty construction foam with the foil backing (so it is less likely to chip) on one side, and a piece of formica or such on the other. It would require having a lot of room (or one empty wall) to store on. I used to have a 4' x 8' x 1/4" piece of plywood that I had taped the edges of, while I was making more than several big bias cut wedding dresses. That darn Bathhouse Theater needed it, and I have yet to buy another (or have another way of getting it to my house). 

I need to borrow a ping pong table. Think the Green Lake rec center may help me better.

I could just rent a table for an hour

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