Sunday, January 17, 2016

Owie (dressing around injuries)

Okay, I have frozen shoulder.
Which means I can't pull anything on over my head, that my right shoulder is swollen and larger than my left, that what I can wear is limited. Recovery is going slooooooowly.

And most importantly: I have to reset my cosplay plans.

I had such a wonderful time with the Dr Who people last year at Emerald City Comic Con, I could not bear the idea of not dressing up with them this year. And I can, with a little shape flipping and camoflaging.

I mean, I sew. I can draft a pattern. I can do this.

A featured ECCC guest from 2015

The dress pattern to be modified

The fabric will be two Dalek-inspired prints (now not tagged as Dalek per the BBC's recent requests of Spoonflower) I've been bashing away on at Spoonflower.  The grill and panel will be the midriff, the skirt will be the ball skirt design, I'll have black tights and make a stylin' hat with some LED decoration. Shoes will be comfortable; it's a looooong day on your feet. I will also need a coordinating bag (to stash my treasure haul).

If I don't seam up the inside of the sleeve, but put a hook or snap on the hem, plus run the zipper up the right side, I should be good. 
Because I like to mess with the paradigm, I love a mash-up (where you take one theme and crossbreed it with another, hopefully complimentary theme), and the doubletakes from last year were worth their weight in gold.

2015 Dalek / Doctor Who Costume

But that's just an idea. Meanwhile, I gotta ice up.


  1. Keep up the icing. I had a frozen shoulder several years ago, and it did heal itself, but it took time. I got a rope on a pulley thing from the doc and the exercises helped a lot. Feel better, and make that costume!

    1. Thank you! I just have to believe this is getting better, and good thoughts really do help!


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