Thursday, January 21, 2016

Plaidly Insane

photo by Tanit-Isis

Why is this skirt piece shown on this yardage at this angle? Not cut on a fold, which would surely save fabric and brain power.

Plaid potential.

If you cut it at this angle on a regular plaid, centered on the center of the inner circle, it will line up.



One angle is the reflection/reverse of the other

My proof:

The plaid is pink and brown so I would stop making a pretty, but irregular plaid in Paint.

Yes, Paint. Old and effective tool.

 Paint will not let me make that last little fake rule line up exactly to the cut 'edge' of our semicircle, but it is an accurately flipped ruler of the other edge.

The plaid lines up.

All proving that I do have a plaid problem.


  1. Gorgeous! And it does make sense... but definitely not in a way that was obvious and easy (for what was supposed to be a beginner's pattern...) :D

    Thank you for taking the time!!!!!

    1. I think I'm compensating for geometry being my best subject, and only having one year of it total in all the schoolyears.

  2. I would never have been able to think this through myself as maths was my least favourite subject. But it makes perfect sense with your diagrams and explanation. Many thanks for doing this.


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