Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This is a tank dress

This is a terribly drawn set of illustrations, but I am so .....beside myself with irritation that I am just going to express it through 'art'.

You will need a sloper/bodice block. And some paper. And a pencil. Or a crayon.

This is not rocket science . If you have ever sewn anything, you already have the materials on hand.

Free slopers keep slipping off the internet, but you probably have a simple bodice pattern that looks a lot like this. No, I do not need a bust dart that big. I need a wider block.

The purple lines are the ones you're going to draw on your paper, around your bodice. The green line is the lower front neck. You can draw the one you like the best.
You will make some allowances for wearing ease (I mean, we're making a dress length tank top here, there's no real art to it) and you want to be able to pull it over your head, so add a couple of inches around your bust line/chest for width. Expand the neck opening, you probably have a pullover top that has a neckline you love. Use that for this part. 

Extend those lines down to the skirt length you are looking for. 
If you are bootylicious, add more. 
If you are not, do what you will.

This is my rough layout on two pieces of folded yardage, and those diagonal lines show where you're going to cut your bias facing strips for the armholes and neckline. 

You could also cut an all in one facing, as recently demo'd on Threads' website.

 I even gave you a pocket for the side seam. Add it where your hand wants to go (reach for pocket, measure how far that is from your armpit, mark on side seam).

And you're welcome. 

*author's message

Neat little awkwardly placed seam line, at no extra charge!


  1. Bravo! You should make that into a pattern and sell it. Oh, hang on...

  2. Love your blog/sense of humour! Stephanie

    1. You are very kind! Humor is all we have left at this point!

  3. Personally, I find most of the "indie" patterns a variation of a very, very simple and boring article of clothing. What makes them so popular? Do they have stellar directions or what? Maybe giving $ to individuals rather than corporations...


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